Motorcycle and Product Reviews

As a motorcycle riding instructor and full-time rider I spend a lot of time on two wheels, and a lot of time talking to people about all aspects of motorcycling, so this makes me an ideal candidate to review both motorcycles and riding equipment and accessories.

I love riding new bikes, all types of bikes, and I am always on the lookout for bikes to review. My weekly riding covers touring, urban commuting, twisty roads, and dirt, when the notion grabs me. On the training range I am often asked by my students for my opinion on LAMS motorcycles, so if you are a motorcycle importer or distributor, please feel free to contact me to arrange a review of your products.

When it comes to riding equipment and accessories, I only comment on what I have tried, or what I use myself, so if you would like me to be able to test and comment on your products, please contact me to arrange a review.

David Cooper

The Perpetual Motorcyclist

0417 675 702

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