1979 Yamaha XS750F

DSC_0001Sometimes you spot a motorcycle that just instantly draws your attention. This happened to me last year while I was at the Robertson Pie Shop, getting ready for a run down Macquarie Pass. My instant though was that the bike was a stunning example of a meticulous restoration.DSC_0021There was a rider sitting close to the bike, and my razor-sharp powers of deduction told me that this was the bikes owner. I wandered over and introduced myself. Alan confirmed that the bike in question was indeed his. I asked him if he had done the restoration on the bike, he replied no, he had bought the motorcycle in its present condition. Then he dropped a bombshell. The bike was essentially completely original and unrestored. Apart from tyres, and the left muffler, this 1979 Yamaha XS750F was exactly as it left the Yamaha factory in 1979.DSC_0013That was a hard statement for me to take in. This bike was built the year I was 9 years old, yet it looked like new. I wish I looked as good as it does!DSC_0025Alan has owned many motorcycles over the years, and there has been a high percentage of Yamaha’s. He has owned an earlier XS750, as well as a XS1100. This stunning bike shares the garage with a late-model FJR1300. DSC_0007When Alan decided it was time to purchase another XS750 he was initially disappointed at the lack of quality in the bikes on offer, that was until he spotted this gem on eBay. Only problem was, it was located in the US of A. Of course that is no barrier to a Yamaha fan like Alan, particularly when you are talking about a motorcycle that has spent its life in a heated garage, and has only had two previous owners.DSC_0027The XS had done just over 10,000 miles when offered for sale. The distance from the US to Australia is around 9,500 miles, and the distance from Japan to the US is over 6,000 miles, so this bike has travelled far further as freight than it has ever been ridden in its 34 years!DSC_0010The XS750 was a ground breaking motorcycle for Yamaha with its smooth revving triple;DSC_0019shaft final drive;DSC_0024triple discs;DSC_0031cast alloy wheels;DSC_0030and advanced electronics.DSC_0029Over twenty years ago I had the chance to ride a XS1100, and as much as I liked it, there is simply something special about the sound and feel of the triple.DSC_0004 Not surprisingly this bike looks and feels like it has only just rolled out of the Yamaha dealership. The engine is smooth, torquey and willing. Clutch action is smooth and the gearbox is positive and precise.DSC_0003The brakes are possibly the only area where this bike gives away it’s 34 year old technology, but they still manage to pull up the 230kg bike acceptably.DSC_0045It’s not often that you get to ride a motorcycle legend, and to get the opportunity to ride one in this condition is very rare indeed.DSC_0033I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that the bike has already taken out a trophy here in Australia, winning King of the Rally at the 2012 CEMC Illawarra Rally. I’m sure it will be the first of many.XS750F 1979Thank you Alan for trusting me with your stunning XS750, and thank you for sharing it with the OPM community.

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3 responses to “1979 Yamaha XS750F

  1. I saw the photo of the instrument cluster on a Google image search, and immediately recognized it as an XS750. I’m currently rebuilding a basket case ’77 XS750-2D that I found on-line, so your write-up (and the great photos of such a beautiful example of the type!) are an inspiration to get my bike completed and running again. Thanks for sharing!

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