Happy Birthday to you OPM

OPM T-Shirt on Handsome Model

Yes indeed, Observations of a Perpetual Motorcyclist has reached its 1st Birthday.

Now that’s extraordinary for two reasons; I have stayed focused for a whole year; and you have all stuck with me for the ride. So thank you to you all for reading, liking, contributing and commenting. Without the OPM community it would be a pretty pointless undertaking, so my gratitude is genuine and heartfelt.


So here are a few highlights from the past year.

  • OPM was “hit” 35,786 times, which incredibly, was also the exact same number of times Muhammad Ali’s opponents were hit.
  • The Top 5 visiting countries are;
  1. Australia with 12,713 hits
  2. United States with 12,533
  3. United Kingdom 2,161
  4. Canada 1563
  5. Malaysia with 654


  • My favourite internet search engine terms that have resulted in people ending up at OPM are;
  1. “famous quote pessimist wind is blowing too hard realistic steady sails it is a windy day”
  2. “changing spark plugs is bullshit if you don’t change them all you’re full of shit”
  3. “motorcycle idling orgasm”

I didn’t make any of those up!


The Perpetual Motorcyclist

7 responses to “Happy Birthday to you OPM

  1. Wow David, Happy blog birthday and please keep them coming. It’s amazing what search engine terms lead to us…. You really can’t make it up but someone did… It’s really crazy funny. Keep up the good work and I look forward to next years statistic…

  2. I wouldn’t read it if I didn’t find it informative and entertaininig. Keep up the good work and may you have many more years of happy blogging.


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