Picking Up a Motorcycle

We’ve all done it, thought the stand was down, lowered the bike as normal, while thinking about what we’ll be doing next, then realised when it got to the point of no return. How embarrassing huh?

Here’s a method which will help you get out of there and away from the laughing crowd quickly (photos will help you see how);

i. Whichever side the bike is on, move the handle bars so they are full lock, with the bar closest the ground all the way forward.

Issue 1 Volume 1 Newsletter 1 - Copy

ii. Stand next to the handlebar which is on the ground, facing the bike, so you can get both hands around the handgrip.

iii. You should now be squatting down, looking at the bike with your hands in front and below you (like someone about to polevault), keep your back straight, and if you are prone to back injuries, get someone to help.

Issue 1 Volume 1 Newsletter - Copy

iv. Look up and ahead (seems like you hear that a lot with us) and stand up using your legs only, holding the handlebar, and keeping your arms straight and against your body (as per the photo).

Issue 1 Volume 1 Newsletter 2 - Copy

v. When you are standing up, the bike will be upright enough to support.

There are other methods but this works on heavy bikes and you don’t have to be superman or woman to do it. Ask a friend to drop their bike over so you can try it! (You don’t want your own on it’s side a second time do you?)

Please don’t try this at home, unless you can try it on a mate’s bike!

Paul Riley

Skill Master Motorcycle Services

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6 responses to “Picking Up a Motorcycle

  1. Yep and your right if you haven’t done it then you haven’t done much riding.
    It sometimes helps when your lifting the bike to make sure it is in gear and if you can clamping the front brake on its a bonus.


  2. I feel lucky that the last time I had to pick up a bike was three bikes and nine years ago. There are few feelings worse than watching a bike go down when parked on asphalt…

  3. It’s the way we were taught to pick up the police motorcycles in motor officer training. It worked like a charm on the Kawasaki KZP1000 and the Harley FXRP. After all, we were warned that we’d be dropping our motor several times that week.

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